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Date SubmittedIssue#Issue CategoryIssue Description
12/2/2016 638 Coding Issues We are not sure when and what codes to use when billing dental procedures. When searching ICD-10 we can only find medical procedure codes. Is there a ... View_Issue
9/23/2016 637 Other Down load new codes
9/12/2016 636 Coding Issues Will CMS accept the unspecified code G47.30 for a diagnostic sleep study?
8/30/2016 635 Other Is there a website that will give me the October 2016 ICD 10 updates by speciality?
8/30/2016 634 Other Why is none of the coding assistance directed toward hospice? We could use some assistance just as other specialties need assistance.
8/23/2016 633 Interpretation billing 73610, this code requires a modifier, we are a facility (hospital) not sure which modifier is needed.
8/11/2016 632 Coding Issues According to the CDC website, designation for coding Pediatric vs. Adult BMI is age 2yr-19yr vs 20yr+. The ICD-10 publishes Pediatric as 2yr to 20yr... View_Issue
8/2/2016 631 Interpretation When referring patients for x-rays, MRI's, etc. I have always used codes to rule out a condition (fracture, tumor, etc). Do I now use the codes for w... View_Issue
7/11/2016 630 Coding Issues LCD L33445 does not include skin Melanoma's. We have a large number of patient's with Melanoma's getting them removed, but none of the Melanoma ICD-1... View_Issue
7/6/2016 629 Interpretation The ICD-9 code for Sesamoiditis is 733.99. Can you tell me what is the corresponding ICD-10 code? Thank You.