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Date SubmittedIssue#Issue CategoryIssue Description
10/6/2015 536 Coding Issues We are a behavioral outpatient private practice sole proprietor. Where can I find the conversion table for outpatient mental health.
10/6/2015 535 Coding Issues We have been advised by some payers that ecodes can now be submitted as a primary diagnosis code but are now receiving front end edits from Medicare p... View_Issue
10/6/2015 533 Coding Issues when transitioning to icd 10 when a patient comes in after October 1,2015 for a follow up visit do we bill with a (d) code or an (a) code, I'm a bit ... View_Issue
10/6/2015 532 Coding Issues At the beginning of Chapter 14, N00-N99 there is an 'Excludes 2' note for Blocks E00-E88. However, under Block N25, there is an 'Excludes 1' note spe... View_Issue
10/6/2015 531 Other Hello: Are we allowed to CONVERT icd-9 to icd-10 on medical lab orders that reach our facility after Oct. 1, 2015? In other words, if a patient comes ... View_Issue
10/6/2015 530 Coding Issues In regard to "A" and "D" codes. we are a Chiropractic and PT facility. I am confused on when to use A and D. If the patient comes in for Chiropractic/... View_Issue
10/5/2015 529 Other I would like to get a copy of the PowerPoint presentation of several of the Specialty Documentation Webcasts. Is this possible?
10/5/2015 528 Interpretation When coding an adult well visit/cpx and the patient has PREVIOUS health issues like hypertension, diabetes and these are addressed during the physical... View_Issue
10/5/2015 527 Other Medical supplies/rental equipment often have future last dates. Was it expected that medical supply/rental equipment claims be accepted with a ICD... View_Issue