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Date SubmittedIssue#Issue CategoryIssue Description
5/22/2015 266 Other On the ICD-9 to ICD-10 GEMS file, our expectation was that all possible ICD-10 codes would get mapped to the ICD-9. We are finding that is not always... View_Issue
5/21/2015 265 Other CMS documented file specifications for mapping 2015 ICD 9 to ICD 10 Procedure codes do not conform with the data file supplied from their download sit... View_Issue
5/21/2015 264 Other The documented file specifications on the CMS website do not conform with the data file supplied from their download site.
5/20/2015 263 Coding Issues Our most commonly used oral surgery diagnosis code is 520.6 for ICD-9, "disturbances in tooth eruption." The GEM point us to codes K00.6, K01.0 and K0... View_Issue
5/20/2015 262 Other We are a large not-for-profit organization which, in addition to primary care, provides HIV, substance abuse and mental health care and treatment. Do ... View_Issue
5/20/2015 261 Interpretation I haven't seen any information on how the ICD-10 will affect Home Health Care for Medicaid patients. Is there any information about the billing for ho... View_Issue
5/18/2015 257 Other We are a DME provider and have patients on service with re-occuring monthly rentals. For all the patients that were set up prior to October 2015, wil... View_Issue
5/15/2015 256 Vendor Issues Hello, We are a MSA and Section 111 Reporting Company. We submit our MSA's to CMS. We also report to CMS in Section 111. Are there any testin... View_Issue
5/13/2015 255 Coding Issues I cannot sign up for the ICD10 seminar in Hackensack NJ for next Tues - May 19th . The computer will not let you "click: on it. We would love to hav... View_Issue
5/12/2015 250 Interpretation The coding terminology for kidney biopsy works well for a native kidney biopsy excision of left kidney via percutaneous approach) because native kidne... View_Issue