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Date SubmittedIssue#Issue CategoryIssue Description
10/15/2014 193 Coding Issues Does every practice need to begin using the external cause codes?
10/13/2014 192 Coding Issues Have there been ICD-10 codes developed for Electrophysiology Procedures? If so, how may we locate and access the EP codes?
10/10/2014 191 resident teaching conferences, departmental meetings
10/1/2014 190 Other When will Core Measures, AHRQ, NHSN Final ICD-10 listings be released? CMS recommends not to use the preliminary specifications for programming which... View_Issue
9/25/2014 189 Coding Issues when is it okay to code the signs and symptoms of an encounter with a patient instead of a diagnosis that is unknown?
9/19/2014 188 Interpretation I have a question on procedure codes – are they going to be priced differently meaning does CMS plan on releasing a separate fee schedule for procedur... View_Issue
9/19/2014 187 Other On the Road to 10 site I am unable to Build an Action Plan. I was hoping to get providers involved so I was testing it out. I find that after I make s... View_Issue
9/10/2014 186 Other I am trying to get an action plan. When I put in my information it keeps telling me to pick a specialty even though I have picked my specialty, pedia... View_Issue
8/27/2014 185 Other i just had a question regarding the training session entitled ?road to 10" icd-10 implementation guidance for physicians and practice mgrs: is this se... View_Issue
8/21/2014 184 Other Will you be adding a Specialty Reference for Opthalmology to your website?