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Date SubmittedIssue#Issue CategoryIssue Description
8/28/2015 355 Other When billing a Well visit with vaccines would you use a well diagnose along with the vaccine diagnoses Z23? If you are billing only vaccines (becaus... View_Issue
8/28/2015 354 Other Will our practice be able to still submit ICD9 for past due accounts that have not been paid by insurance companies before October 1 in the ICD9 forma... View_Issue
8/28/2015 353 Other I would like to know if you still need to use Modifiers when billing multiple procedures on one claim.
8/28/2015 352 Coding Issues I am trying to find draft policies that will be effective 10/01/15. For the most part infusion drugs and bone mass measurement ICD-10 Codes that supp... View_Issue
8/27/2015 351 Other For patients scheduled to be seen in October that require prior authorization or referral to be seen. Can we begin requesting prior authorization usin... View_Issue
8/27/2015 350 Coding Issues is it possible to submit a claim with 12 diagnosis codes and only 1 CPT/line item?
8/26/2015 349 Other Is the focus having the ICD-10 codes for listing of disabilities on eligibilities or the focus is right now having the ICD-10 code roll out medical pr... View_Issue
8/26/2015 348 Coding Issues cannot find icd-10 code for lab culture aerobic bacteria (4550)
8/25/2015 347 Interpretation I need to know if labs can use the crosswalk to change an ICD9 code to and IC 10 code legally.
8/24/2015 346 Interpretation Our question concerns laterality, pre-surgery diagnosis and surgical billing. In our example, a patient is diagnosed with cataracts and we use the app... View_Issue