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Date SubmittedIssue#Issue CategoryIssue Description
8/23/2016 633 Interpretation billing 73610, this code requires a modifier, we are a facility (hospital) not sure which modifier is needed.
8/11/2016 632 Coding Issues According to the CDC website, designation for coding Pediatric vs. Adult BMI is age 2yr-19yr vs 20yr+. The ICD-10 publishes Pediatric as 2yr to 20yr... View_Issue
8/2/2016 631 Interpretation When referring patients for x-rays, MRI's, etc. I have always used codes to rule out a condition (fracture, tumor, etc). Do I now use the codes for w... View_Issue
7/11/2016 630 Coding Issues LCD L33445 does not include skin Melanoma's. We have a large number of patient's with Melanoma's getting them removed, but none of the Melanoma ICD-1... View_Issue
7/6/2016 629 Interpretation The ICD-9 code for Sesamoiditis is 733.99. Can you tell me what is the corresponding ICD-10 code? Thank You.
6/29/2016 628 Coding Issues How do I code monosegmental instrumentation placed at three separate levels
6/28/2016 627 Coding Issues I am looking for the correct ICD-10 code for Degenerative Adult De Novo Scoliosis (lumbar). Patient also has lumbar spondylosis.
6/9/2016 626 Interpretation We have a Home Health provider billing on a UB, who is billing 15 mins RN visits with 09/2015 and 10/2015 dates. Does the claim need to be split. We a... View_Issue
5/23/2016 625 Coding Issues All Medicare claims are denying all A-scan/IOL Master codes saying they are medically unnecessary. We are submitting under CPT code 92136 and a variet... View_Issue
5/18/2016 624 Coding Issues Having issues with the coding of diagnosis been getting denials that we are not using the diagnosis according to CMS Guidelines. For example in one of... View_Issue