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Date SubmittedIssue#Issue CategoryIssue Description
7/1/2015 290 Other Are the new ICD-10 codes and descriptions available in other language formats? In particular, is there a Chinese translated format available?
6/29/2015 289 Other In organ transplant populations, immunosuppressive medications such as tacrolimus, cyclosporine, zotress, sirolimus, cellcept are reimbursed by Medica... View_Issue
6/29/2015 288 Interpretation I would like to know what the standard reporting requirements are for emergency room / observation claims that begin prior to 10/1/15, and end after 1... View_Issue
6/29/2015 287 Coding Issues How will duplication across code sets be handled? Example: EX: V80.0 ICD-9: Screening for neurological conditions ICD-10: Animal-rider or occupant... View_Issue
6/26/2015 286 Other Will there be holds effective Oct 1,2015 for claims with dates of service on/after Oct 1 2015?
6/24/2015 285 Coding Issues We'll be billing CMS for September 2015 client appointments in early October 2015. Should we use ICD-10 codes for those September appointments or sho... View_Issue
6/24/2015 284 Coding Issues Just wondering if information will be posted such as clinical scenarios and common codes for chiropractic. Will Medicare still require us to bill sub... View_Issue
6/23/2015 283 Coding Issues We are a Mental Health Community Rehabilitation Provider. Please advise what information we need in order to submit our coding to Medicaid to ensure ... View_Issue
6/22/2015 282 Interpretation What is the possibility of a after 10/1/2015 grace period for ICD-9? And ICD-10 still going into effect? Would inpatient claims received after 10/1/20... View_Issue
6/17/2015 281 Interpretation Is below understanding correct -- a) Until 9/30, all claims submitted should have ONLY ICD-9 codes b) On or after 10/1 - i) claims with d... View_Issue