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2/1/2016 612 Coding Issues When I look up "esophagus metaplasia" in my 2015 ICD-10 book there is no code listed, it is blank. I have 2 ICD-10 books from 2 different companies an... View_Issue
1/8/2016 611 Coding Issues There needs to be an OB code for labor induction without indication.
1/5/2016 610 Coding Issues I work in ESRD and had a pt with a post needlestick exposure lab test for HIV. I coded it as W46.1XXA. I am getting notification that additional ICD c... View_Issue
1/3/2016 609 Interpretation I'm trying to code the diagnosis of a man with a kiteboarding-related fracture. The kite caught a gust of wind and yanked him up off the kiteboard and... View_Issue
12/22/2015 608 Coding Issues Claim's being denied for ICD 10 diagnosis code Z80.0 for dos 10/01/2015. Provider is getting a denial code PR-49 as this is a non covered service be... View_Issue
12/22/2015 607 Coding Issues The pt with cardiovascular disease and a prior TIA is referred for neuropsych testing (96118) to assess for memory/cognitive impairment. I first condu... View_Issue
12/17/2015 606 Coding Issues How should documentation of Unstable Angina (USA) with MI in ICD-10-CM be coded? I no longer see the guideline regarding USA progressing to MI. Phys... View_Issue
12/16/2015 605 Coding Issues am trying to submit a claim for vacuum delivery, ICD code O81.4 says not billable. ICd code O66.5 says attempted vacuum. But the Dr. completed the del... View_Issue
12/9/2015 604 Trading Partner Issues Prior to the transition there was a lot of discussion around non-covered entities (specifically workers compensation companies and auto insurance carr... View_Issue
12/4/2015 603 Coding Issues IgA nephropathy (ICD-9 code 583.89) is the most common glomerulonephritis in the developed world, and is a significant cause of endstage renal disease... View_Issue