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Date SubmittedIssue#Issue CategoryIssue Description
4/11/2016 620 Interpretation I work with a mentor and a psychologist - this is in regard to an individual on the Autism Spectrum. We are trying to determine what codes can be use... View_Issue
3/30/2016 619 Coding Issues The discharge summary states the patient has pneumonia and COPD. The pneumonia is coded J18.9, since the organism is unknown. How would I code the C... View_Issue
3/30/2016 618 Coding Issues If the patient has pneumonia, J18.9, with COPD, but no exacerbation of the COPD, would I use J44.9, or J44.0, since the patient has pneumonia?
3/29/2016 617 Coding Issues 1) What would be the ICD 10 code for "Cataract with IOL by Phoco emulsification tech. unilateral". 2) What would be the ICD 10 code for "General W... View_Issue
2/26/2016 616 Coding Issues ICD-10 Dx code M54.6 (Pain in thoracic spine) carries an Excludes1, "Pain in thoracic spine due to intervertebral disc disorder (M51.-). This renders... View_Issue
2/22/2016 615 Coding Issues can I use nonspecific knee pain for bilateral knee pain or do I need to use right and left knee pain
2/17/2016 614 Interpretation We have an inpatient Medicare claim with admission date in August 2015 and discharge date in November 2015. Can I use ICD-10 codes for the entire clai... View_Issue
2/15/2016 613 Other We are trying to access the Road to ICD-10 Specialty Webcasts (specifically, Orthopaedics) and it is not requiring a username and password for Vimeo. ... View_Issue
2/1/2016 612 Coding Issues When I look up "esophagus metaplasia" in my 2015 ICD-10 book there is no code listed, it is blank. I have 2 ICD-10 books from 2 different companies an... View_Issue
1/8/2016 611 Coding Issues There needs to be an OB code for labor induction without indication.