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Date SubmittedIssue#Issue CategoryIssue Description
11/24/2015 598 Other Can our therapists add a ICD-10 code after the physician signs the plan of care?
11/16/2015 597 Coding Issues what codes are used for acromioclavicular arthritis and rotator cuff arthropathy?
11/16/2015 596 Coding Issues We submitted a claim to Medicare for 64633 using 723.1, 719.48 (DOS was prior to 10/1/15) and it was denied due to “CO 50 These are non-covered servic... View_Issue
11/11/2015 595 Coding Issues How do you code Bronchiectasis and Pneumonia? The physician did not document it as Bronchiectasis with Pneumonia but rather 1. Pna 2. Bronchiectasis.... View_Issue
11/11/2015 594 Coding Issues I billed the ICD 10 Code S82.875D with a 99213 and 73610-LT. Medicaid has denied this claim due to This service not allowed for this diagnosis. Why ... View_Issue
11/10/2015 593 Coding Issues The diagnosis code Z72.0 [Tobacco use], why Medicare is not accepting it as a primary diagnosis code?
11/10/2015 592 Coding Issues Claims being denied yet F codes match dsm5 code. Submitted with decimals. Could that be the cause?
11/10/2015 591 Other In the Tabular.PDF document provided in the CMS site, there is a comment for specific codes to add the appropriate 7th character to each code from cat... View_Issue
11/6/2015 590 Coding Issues For DME supply claims that are billed for dates after 10 1 15 do we have to have a CMN or LOMN or file with an ICD 10 code.
11/5/2015 589 Coding Issues There are instances especially in a primary care practice when a patient is being seen for many chronic conditions. The provider is using the "status... View_Issue