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Date SubmittedIssue#Issue CategoryIssue Description
3/26/2015 225 Other I attended the CMS Road to ICD10 for providers in Vidalia GA, which was a wonderful and informative class. If and when will CMS Road to ICD-10 class... View_Issue
3/26/2015 224 Interpretation As a provider, we have prepared for years to successfully implement ICD-10. However we are concerned that some of our payers will not be prepared. If ... View_Issue
3/25/2015 223 Other Can you please tell me if we are going to have to submit the patients medical records with our claims?
3/25/2015 222 Coding Issues Does ICD-10 codes Z23 replace the ICD-9 codes for all vaccinations? For example, codes such as V03.82, V06.1, V04.89, V06.4, V05.4, V03.89, V05.3, and... View_Issue
3/25/2015 221 Coding Issues Does ICD-10 code Z23 replace the ICD-9 codes for all vaccinations. For exapmle, codes V06.1, V03.82, V04.89, V06.4, V05.4, V05.3, V03.89, and etc?
3/23/2015 220 Other There will be circumstances when the ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversion gives more specificity in the ICD-10 code. As DME suppliers, will we be required to o... View_Issue
3/19/2015 217 Trading Partner Issues There is a reference on an advertisement for the ICD-10 "Road to 10": ICD-10 Training which states that CMS is offering on site field support training... View_Issue
3/18/2015 216 Other Do you have any information about a how the Oxygen CMN (484.03) will change to handle ICD10 diagnosis codes? I believe there will be a change to re... View_Issue
3/18/2015 215 Coding Issues Lab orders are valid for 6 months - 3 years. When using an external lab (like LabCorp/Quest) - orders are submitted with DX in ICD-9. If an order rema... View_Issue
3/17/2015 214 Coding Issues Hi! I have a question about a brachytherapy procedure for prostate. I want to know if I have to code the Transrectal sonography that was performed to ... View_Issue