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Date SubmittedIssue#Issue CategoryIssue Description
2/26/2015 206 Coding Issues We are an OP Rehab Therapy provider. In reviewing the action plans under the Road to 10, I noticed that it was geared toward physician practice. ... View_Issue
2/26/2015 205 Coding Issues I have a question relating to ICD 10 codes F80.1 and F80.2 –with type two excludes related to intellectual disabilities. In our organization, we are t... View_Issue
2/20/2015 204 Other Will there be any Skilled Nursing Facility specific ICD-10 Seminars or Webinars for Georgia?
2/18/2015 203 Coding Issues Do the ICD 10 codes need to match the referring physician diagnosis code exactly?
2/4/2015 202 Other How can we download copies of the web training slides for the physicians? I am looking for Family Practice, Cardiology and Orthopedics. Thank you
12/22/2014 201 Interpretation Will back-dated claims with Date of Loss before 10/1/2015 can use ICD9 or ICD10? or After 10/1/2015 can only ICD10 codes be used?
12/18/2014 200 Interpretation What exactly does DUAL CODING mean?
12/18/2014 199 Interpretation There still seems to be some confusion on whether ICD10 use is Date of Service or Calendar(Date) based. For example once ICD10 goes into effect on ... View_Issue
12/10/2014 198 Coding Issues Has CMS approved ICD-10 condition codes for ambulance suppliers?
11/13/2014 197 Other Will there be a 6 month grace period to allow providers/insurers to continue reporting ICD-9 codes through 4/1/2016 for Medicare eligible parties? (Pe... View_Issue