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Date SubmittedIssue#Issue CategoryIssue Description
3/24/2014 144 Interpretation How much does the training cost?
3/18/2014 138 Interpretation Which ICD-10 code would be appropriate to bill to Medicare for CPT G0101, Cervical or vaginal cancer screening; pelvic and clinical breast examination... View_Issue
3/18/2014 137 Interpretation We are being advised by Trainers that MD practices will be required to report external causes codes for injuries. Previously this function was requir... View_Issue
3/18/2014 136 Interpretation will the handout be available to download from the ICD-10 March13 overview and basics call....I tried to take notes but to much good info was shared
3/10/2014 134 Other Can you tell me more about how the medicare testing program is going to work for ICD-10 and how can my organization be considered as a testing partner... View_Issue
3/18/2014 132 Interpretation I do not have an issue but a question. Are they any thumb drives remaining that contain ICD-10 resources? If so, I am interested in receiving one. ... View_Issue
3/18/2014 131 Interpretation First Issue: How would you code hypertelorism (Q75.2) when it is a manifestation of Noonan's Syndrome (Q87.1) and the code for hypertelorism has an "e... View_Issue
3/25/2014 129 Interpretation What kind of ICD-10 training do physicians working in a health plan organization require? They only review documentation they do not document to a he... View_Issue
3/18/2014 127 Interpretation We are questioning what ICD-10 code should be used for a degenerative labral tear in the shoulder. M24.11- is suggested for articular cartilage degen... View_Issue
3/18/2014 124 Interpretation When would it be appropriate to use code F14.90 Cocaine use, unspecified, uncomplicated?According to Coding Guideline 5.c.3 Psychoactive substance use... View_Issue