Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records is a modern alternative to a patient’s paper card. The electronic carrier contains personal data of the patient and his anamnesis. For doctors, such a medical card format is not just convenient, it fundamentally changes the system of their work.

What are Electronic Health Records?

According to the national standard, Electronic Health Records is an information system that contains medical records about the patient that is, data from specialists of the clinic on patient’s examinations, medical appointments, examinations, laboratory tests, vaccinations, operations and other procedures. Moreover, they may have a different format, including images (for example, radiographs, tomograms, histograms), readings from medical devices (for example, cardiograms, ultrasound, laboratory analyzers), etc.

Also in the patient’s card family history, information about chronic diseases, dispensary registration, possible allergies to medications, etc are collected. In addition to the “treatment block”, there is an ID section with personal data.Electronic Health Records_ Benefits

Why do we need an electronic medical history?

  • An electronic medical history is a whole archive of medical information that a doctor can handle. The specialist sees the full picture of health, which allows him to prescribe the most effective treatment.
  • Convenient sorting of information when the doctor receives only the required information.
  • Reliable storage of medical history without the risk of losing important data. The outpatient paper card can easily get lost, and the records cannot be restored. At the same time, not every patient knows all his diagnoses, the names of the transferred diseases, the vaccination schedule, etc. It happens that it is not the card itself that is lost, but the results of tests or examinations before reaching the attending physician. It delays the treatment time and spends the extra money. In such electronic records cannot happen such a situation, since the exchange of information between departments takes place in an electronic format.
  • Supporting an electronic medical history reduces the paperwork to doctors. Thanks to ready-made templates, filling out the inspection report takes a minimum of time. It is more useful to find and to accelerate the admission of patients. Templates are formed at the stage of implementation of the electronic medical history program and can be edited by a doctor.
  • In case of damage or loss of a paper medical records, it can be restored using an electronic medical history.
  • The electronic format of medical records is convenient for reporting and analysis of the clinic.
  • Interaction with insurance companies is simplified, as the correct accounts and reports are formed, and it reduces the risk of refusals to pay compensation.
  • Electronic health records are a source of information for collecting medical statistics (for incidence).
  • The introduction of electronic health records increases customer loyalty and allows you to establish feedback with them.

How to implement Electronic Health Records?

Electronic health records are part of a medical information system. When automating the work of the clinic, first of all, those blocks are connected that are associated with customers that is the registration and medical reception. Together with them, it becomes possible to introduce electronic health records.

There is a special rapid deployment system that allows you to quickly start the work of the registration and medical personnel in the information system including getting started with electronic patient records.

The majority of such systems were developed for multi-disciplinary and highly specialized commercial clinics. It takes into account the real needs of medicine in the organization of business processes and allows you to adapt the system to the specifics of a particular institution. To quickly switch to electronic document management, you can use the cloud version of the programs. This is a profitable start option that allows you to appreciate all the benefits of automation at a special price.

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